Feedback from some of the on-going Brain class participants

“I learn a lot each time. Thanks a lot!  Have a good X Mas and Happy New Year!”

“I like the mix of problems-several levels. Learning plus enjoyment. Great Combo! Looking forward to 2019”

“The Classes have helped me w/memory concerns.  Great Class”

“Awesome, Continue the you do! Regarding homework, Please check at the next class. You may catch our errors”

“Keep Everything the same! Good!”

“This class is very good for us, more brain turning, more improvement, hope keep going. ”

“I think everything is fine. I know its a long day for you but it would be nice to last a little longer (1/2 hour more)”

“I think you do a great job! Wish I could do 1 on 1 in your office.  Maybe try to get a 1 1/2 hour class.”