About Cognitive Care Solutions

Approximately 10% of all 65-year-old individuals have Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, and that figure increases to almost 45% by age 85. As the baby boomer population turned age 65 in 2011, our healthcare system is currently unprepared to meet the demands of this increasing population over the next 20 years as they reach age 85. Therefore, by offering cognitive fitness services as a supplementary care to the current standard of care for dementia patients, we will keep our aging population functioning at a higher level, Keeping their Brains Stronger for Longer, and reducing our healthcare system’s overall costs’.

Cognitive Care Solutions provides comprehensive cognitive wellness therapy to clients with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia, and healthy adults who want to Keep their Brain Stronger for Longer. Our cognitive therapy services are provided by doctorate level professionals and licensed clinical social workers who offer more than solely cognitive performance improvement. At Cognitive Care Solutions, we provide the client with a therapeutic experience to aid them and their family in adjusting and coping with their new diagnosis. In addition, we provide support services for the client and their family’s grief and emotional processing. Our company offers a comprehensive treatment plan which addresses all the modifiable lifestyle risk factors associated with improving brain health and to Keep Your Brain Stronger For Longer®.